The Impressed Workflow Server is distributed as a subscription license. The term is 12 months and is automatically renewed for another 12 months unless the subscription is cancelled three months before the end of the term. The subscription includes the right to use the software, all upgrades and updates of the software, and support during the term.

The price list below is intended to give you an overview of the IWS price structure. We will be happy to provide you with an offer tailored to your individual needs. Just get in touch with us…

Module nameIncludesPrice per monthCorresponds to annual price
IWS Pro Basic Module1 user (Concurrent User) (1)
1 Input Channel (2)
1,000 products/month (3)
Contact database (4)
180,- €2.160,- €
Additional user1 additional user (concurrent user)33,75 €405,- €
3 user package3 additional users (concurrent users)81,- €972,- €
5 user package5 additional users (concurrent users)112,50 €1.350,- €
10 user package10 additional users (concurrent users)200,- €2.400,- €
20 user package20 additional users (concurrent users)340,- €4.080,- €
50 user package50 additional users (concurrent users)700,- €8.400,- €
Additional input channelConnection to additional input channel45,- €540,- €
1,000 products packageAdditional 1,000 products/month45,- €540,- €
3,000 products packageAdditional 3,000 products/month90,- €1.080,- €
5,000 products packageAdditional 5,000 products/month135,- €1.620,- €
10,000 products packageAdditional 10,000 products/month225,- €2.700,- €
30,000 products packageAdditional 30,000 products/month585,- €7.020,- €
50,000 products packageAdditional 50,000 products/month765,- €9.180,- €


1) User: The number of users who can access the Impressed Workflow Server in parallel.

2) Input channel: Use of an input channel from upstream systems such as management information systems (MIS), web stores or similar for the order description. The following import filters are currently available: WE make PRINT , unitedprint , Lector MIS , EFI Pace MIS , Prinance MIS, Printplus MIS , XJDF and Duon portal . The use of an input channel incl. one of the import filters mentioned above is already included in the price of the IWS basic module. Additional input channels can be added as additional modules. We can create individual import filters (after a cost estimate). Please do not hesitate to contact us .

3) Product: A “product” is a single print product. So a certain business card, a certain folded flyer, a bound printed matter, etc. If a printed product consists of several components (e.g. cover and inner part), each individual component or sub-product is considered a “product”. In IWS, bills are based on the number of parts created.

4) Contact database: The IWS-Pro contact database allows the import of existing contacts at company and contact level. This import can take place by taking over contact data from the imported order data (e.g. from a JDF) or by explicitly importing contact data from a suitable source using the IWS-Pro API.

Further input channels, import filters, toolsets, modules and connections inquiry .

Prices are net prices and do not include the statutory value added tax applicable at the time of invoicing.

System requirements

IWS PRO Server (Impressed Workflow Server component)

Supported Operating Systems

  • MacOS X 10.14 or newer
  • Linux (current Ubuntu version recommended)
  • Windows Server 2019 or Windows 10

Minimum requirements

Random access memory:
  • at least 16GB (for IWS).
  • In combination with Switch or other prepress tools on the same machine, min. 24GB
Disk storage:
  • at least 512GB
Processor cores:
  • at least 4 cores (for IWS)
  • In combination with a switch or other external tools, min. 8 cores

For optimal performance, we recommend installing the IWS PRO server component on a separate system!

IWS PRO client

The connection to the IWS PRO server is possible from any computer within a network using an Internet browser. We recommend for it Google Chrome . IWS has been extensively tested with it!

Other standard web browsers also work, but we cannot guarantee that all functions will be available.